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DR JIA-WIN GOH (Chiropractic)


Dr Jia-Win Goh (Chiro)

Qualifications & Training

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic)/Master of Clinical Chiropractic, RMIT University

  • Member of Chiropractic Australia

  • Guide to Myofascial Structure Integration: Balancing the pelvis and The Tensional Network of the Body: Fascia Sliding, INTI International University, Malaysia

  • Acupuncture and Tuina Short Course, Hunan University of Chinese Medicine

Dr Jia-Win Goh is originally from Malaysia and completed his degree at RMIT University in Melbourne. He has been operating a successful practice in Muar, Malaysia since 2016, and is renowned for providing exceptional spinal care to patients travelling from as far as Johor Bahru, Singapore, and even Australia. Jia-Win is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to serve the Melbourne community.


Clinical focus:

  • Treatment of back pain due to spinal injuries, neck and shoulder pain  

  • Providing rehabilitation for repetitive strain injuries and stress fractures

  • Addressing unexplained headaches

  • Realignment of the pelvis to alleviate menstrual pain and promote postpartum recovery

  • Offering guidance on muscle strengthening for daily activities

  • Aiding in joint flexibility improvement and attaining fitness objectives


Jia-Win's dedication to delivering the highest level of Chiropractic care to his patients is unwavering. He possesses a keen interest in acupuncture and the meridian channels. His holistic approach involves integrating acupressure with soft tissue techniques before performing spinal adjustments. He intends to travel between both clinics to ensure that all of his patients receive the care they need.

Jia-Win is fluent in English, Mandarin and Malay.

Jia-Win's Hours

Dr Jia-Win's next availability at the Blackburn clinic is scheduled for 19/08/24 - 09/09/24.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified for appointment booking via SMS in mid July.

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