Sen Health Clinic is a Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture practice located in Alice Springs, Central Australia.

Sen derives from the ancient Chinese character "Shen 琞", meaning the heart is as bright as jade. It serves as a reminder of the incredibly important role a health practitioner has in a person's life.

In this modern age, western medicine is considered mainstream. Yet what is unique to Chinese Medicine for thousands of years is that it places emphasis on long-term health in the prevention of disease.

At Sen Health, our aim is to provide quality healthcare to the community following Chinese medicine philosophy. We promote the benefits of holistic healing to achieve and maintain long-term health for our clients in addition to their primary healthcare. 


It is our strong belief that the benefits of Chinese Medicine can complement Western medicine and utilised in a harmonious treatment program. Together we can greatly improve your quality of life.

The Sen Philosophy - Sen Health Clinic
The Sen Philosophy - Sen Health Clinic
The Sen Philosophy - Sen Health Clinic

"With benevolence as the foundation
- a great world of harmony."