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Facial acupuncture, also known as Cosmetic acupuncture, is fine gauge needle insertion into facial muscles to maintain beauty and youthful charm. Small micro-traumas from acupuncture needles can promote the skin to quicken cellular metabolism by renewing and regenerating tissue, improving blood circulation, and boosting cellular collagen and elastin activity. By combining modern Chinese Medicine with an innovative facial treatment, Facial acupuncture is a great surgical-free alternative to restore your skin's vitality. You can be at ease with our natural beauty treatment to make your skin glow from within.

"Now there is a natural and innovative choice to beauty, and that is facial acupuncture."

How does facial acupuncture improve my skin?

The facial appearance and vibrance reflect one's internal health. This is stated in the Ancient Classic of Needle Therapy (黃帝內經・靈樞) "one inspects the external correspondences to know [the condition of ] the internal viscera. Then one knows what their diseases are". Therefore the effulgence of one's qi/energy is apparent via facial observation.

Treatment of the internal health and problematic areas on the face must be carried out simultaneously. We use a combination of body acupuncture to rebalance your internal health, facial needling for muscle tone and stimulate circulation for lymphatic drainage and improve cellular regeneration. This is because "[humans have] twelve conduit vessels and 365 network [vessels]. Their blood and qi all rise into the face and move into the empty orifices", hence the importance of using both acupoints on the body and face to receive the best result.

Target skin problems such as:

  • Acne-prone skin, excessive sebum production

  • Sensitivity and prone to redness

  • Fine lines and wrinkles (crow's feet, smile lines)

  • Drooping cheeks

  • Uneven skin tone and dullness

  • Dehydrated and tired-looking skin

Therefore Facial acupuncture assists in:

  • Reducing acne breakouts, scarring and pigmentation

  • Regulate oil glands and reduce sebum

  • Reducing redness and relieving swelling

  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production

  • Firming, tightening and increasing muscle tone

  • Create an even skin tone and brightens your complexion

  • Improves hydration and serum absorption = supple skin!

Most importantly, facial acupuncture is very low-risk and has no downtime at all!


What to expect after facial acupuncture treatment?

The facial muscles are delicate and sensitive, therefore we use only the finest and most lightweight needles to reduce irritation and needle-site bleeding. However, sometimes tiny bleeding and swelling may still occur. In worse cases, tiny bruising can appear. To reduce as much swelling as possible, we apply calming and hydrating facial masks to finish off the treatment.

How should I look after my skin after treatment?

Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen!

There is nothing more harmful to the skin than too many UV rays on your face after treatment. Applying sunscreen even on a cloudy day is very important!

How many treatments do I need for facial acupuncture?

This depends on a few important factors such as age, skin condition, diet, lifestyle, exercise and how well you react to cosmetic acupuncture after the first treatment. Naturally, the younger you are, the more cellular turnover and collagen production are quicker. We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions (once or twice a week) which is equivalent to one course of treatment. Usually, you will start to see the results halfway through the treatment course. You may need a minimum of two courses to see a lasting effect.

How long do the effects of facial acupuncture last after I finish my treatment plan?

Again this depends on your age, diet, lifestyle, exercise and how you take care of your skin after the courses of treatment. The known standard effect is up to 12 months.

Your health journey the natural way

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