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Supporting mums-to-be with Acupuncture!

It's important that all pregnant women can find the support they need to ensure that their pregnancy is a smoother ride and the baby grows safely inside the belly. Many women experience some discomfort throughout pregnancy, such as morning sickness, lower back pain, constipation, digestive problems, headaches or migraines, skin allergies to name a few. Sometimes these symptoms are temporary, but other times it can be related to the mum's constitution if it is an ongoing matter or symptoms becoming more aggravated.

Take morning sickness for example:

The body circulation changes during pregnancy to nurture a growing baby and therefore it is always common to see “a lack of blood (due to increased demand for blood to the baby), and excessive amount of Qi". This is particularly evident in the first trimester with hormonal changes resulting in morning sickness - nausea, dizziness, tiredness, swelling and if worse there's vomiting and loss of appetite.

In Chinese Medicine, it is believed that during the first three months "the blood supply increases to the uterus, there is an abundance of Qi in the Chong meridian (it passes through the reproductive organs). The liver qi upsurge and the stomach qi can not descend (eg. nausea, vomiting - food and fluid coming back up instead of staying down)".

Having a strong gut will also prevent it from being overly sensitive and over-reacting to the normal pregnancy hormonal changes. Therefore the treatment strategy is to "strengthen the digestive system and harmonise the stomach, calm the foetus (keep the baby safe for miscarriage prevention)".

With proper holistic diagnosis, acupuncture can be a very safe treatment option to help mums-to-be settle quicker into the pregnancy, eat better and feel happier.


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