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[OCT 2018] Free Community Health Talk on Stress, Anxiety, Low-mood & Depression

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Hi everyone, we have an exciting announcement to make :

In order to get to know more people in the community as well as sharing the benefits of holistic medicine, Dr Kaylin Cheng will be giving a talk on a topic she cares

much about. The topic includes:

- The understanding of stress, low-mood, anxiety and depression from a Chinese Medicine perspective and how it affects the internal health

- Vice versa, how a disharmonious internal body system makes a person prone to stress, anxiety or low-mood.

- How we can self-manage or help support a loved one through these difficult times.

- And most importantly, you'll find out how Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture can assist in your healing journey.

There will be some special health tips and guide to be announced later on that will be presented at this talk so STAY TUNED!


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