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A Quick Guide to Understanding Chinese Herbal Medicine

Often when visiting a TCM Practitioner you might find yourself being advised to take herbal remedies for your wellbeing. We have gathered a few common questions people have regarding Herbal Medicine. Hopefully this can provide some answers for you!

Q. So what is Herbal Medicine 🌱?

A. It is the use of plants, seeds, minerals and some animal-derived products to support or restore balance to the internal body systems. Chinese Herbal Medicine is often used in conjunction to acupuncture for the treatment of illnesses, health upkeep, rejuvenation and detoxification.

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Q. I've heard that Chinese Medicine uses animal-derived products including endangered species 🐢!

A. Nowadays, there are stringent guidelines for the use of herbal medicine in many countries including Australia. The old ways of using products from endangered animals are STRICTLY prohibited and CITES listed animals cannot be poached for medicinal use. What's used today are products that can come from livestock, farms or even cultured. This includes: - Shells (e.g from oysters or clams) - Gelatin - Horns, that grow back, excluding rhinos (prohibited) - Cordycep (usually lab cultured)

Q. But what if I'm a Vegetarian/Vegan 🥗?

A. Sometimes people are willing to accept animal-derived products for their wellbeing, but it is understandable if you want to maintain your strict diet. Let your practitioner know beforehand so alternative plant-based herbs can be selected for your treatment!

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